How To Create VIRAL Talking AI-Generated Videos?

These talking AI-generated videos are making waves, racking up millions of views on platforms like Instagram. They’re remarkably easy to create!

But seriously, in today’s competitive journey, knowing how to make AI-generated videos talk might just be the key to unlocking massive earning potential.

In this tutorial, I’ll guide you step-by-step on how to create a viral talking AI-generated video using free AI tools, including a video editing tool towards the end that’ll save you both time and money.

How To Create VIRAL Talking AI-Generated Videos?

Step 1: Use Leonardo AI

Go to Leonardo AI and sign up if you haven’t already. Once you’re in, navigate to the AI Image Generation section. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Choose 4 images per generation.
  • Opt for the DreamShaper V7 model for a touch of realism with digital art elements.
  • Adjust dimensions manually (640 by 832 in this case).
  • Be detailed with prompts: Specificity matters!
  • Generate and pick the most suitable image.
  • Scale and refine the image in Canva for a polished look.

Types of AI-Generated Videos

There are primarily three types of AI-generated videos you’ll encounter:

  1. Manifestation Videos: Engage viewers by asking for likes and shares. Religious themes aren’t the only ones that go viral; broader concepts work too!
  2. Storytelling Videos: Entertaining, but they demand more effort. Assess their earning potential.
  3. Motivational Videos: Analyze successful content, identify keywords, and instruct AI models (like ChatGPT) to generate similar, engaging content using those keywords. Specificity is key here.

Step 2: Generate AI Voiceover

For the voiceover aspect, Eleven Labs comes into play:

  • Go to the ElevenLabs website and create a free account.
  • Select a suitable voice (e.g., “Mark – raspy and deep narrator”) for an engaging tone.
  • Generate the voiceover script and download the file.
  • Use D-ID to create the video, incorporating the AI-generated image as the presenter and uploading the voiceover file.
  • Generate the video.

Step 3: Generate Auto Captions

Auto-captions are crucial for accessibility and engagement, but not all tools offer this feature for free:

Simplified Free Video Editor is a recommended tool offering auto-captioning services for free (up to 30 minutes per month) under their Free Forever plan.

Sign up, create a workspace, and access the subtitles tool.

Upload your file, customize the subtitles as needed (dimension, style, and color), and export the video with captions.

After signing up and setting up a workspace, uploading your video, and generating subtitles, it’s time to customize. Simplified offers options for different styles and colors, ensuring your subtitles complement the video seamlessly. Export your video, and you’re good to go.


Creating viral talking AI-generated videos involves several steps, from crafting detailed image prompts to using various AI tools for narration, editing, and captioning. Remember, making these videos only not gets views but also about the content’s appeal and engagement with the audience. So, get creative, experiment, and tell captivating stories to stand out.