Synthesia AI: Your Ultimate AI Video Editor Guide [2024]

Welcome to this comprehensive review of Synthesia, the leading AI video editor platform designed to help you craft professional videos from text scripts effortlessly. If you’re a beginner aiming to create videos efficiently and, Synthesia offers an array of features to simplify your journey.

Synthesia is an AI video editor that allows you to create captivating videos without the need for expensive studios, actors, or intricate equipment. It’s the best AI Tool for creating training videos, how-to guides, and impactful product marketing videos.

With over 50 templates catering to various fields like financial presentations, content marketing, teaching, and more, it’s a versatile platform suitable for diverse needs.

Getting Started with Synthesia AI

Let’s dive into the step-by-step process of creating your video using Synthesia.

  1. Creating a New Video: To start, navigate to the “Create New Video” option in the top right corner of the interface.
  2. Template Selection: You have the option to import and edit PowerPoint slides or choose from a selection of professional templates that cover a wide range of fields.

Building Your Video

Once you’re set to create your video from scratch, the Synthesia interface offers a user-friendly platform.

Studio Interface

The main studio provides a default avatar, a text script at the bottom, and an extensive library on the right.

Import avatars, text, graphics, and images from the library for your video creation.

Set the video title on the top and structure your video by dividing it into independent scenes, each with its unique content.

Script Creation and Customization

Type in the script content at the bottom, which will also generate closed captions.

Synthesia supports recognition of over 65 languages and accents.

Adjust the scene length using the play button to listen to the Avatar voice rendition of the script.

Avatar Customization

  • The Avatar initially lacks gestures or lip movements in the preview, which are added upon rendering.
  • Choose from a variety of avatars (over 70) and even request custom avatars for your projects.
  • Incorporate face and body gestures by selecting and assigning them to specific parts of the script.

Scene Customization

Customize the Avatar’s appearance by selecting to display the full body, a circle, or solely as a voiceover.

Resize and reposition the Avatar within the preview for optimal presentation.

Enhancements and Assets

Customize the scene background using static images or videos available from platforms like Unsplash and Pixabay.

Import your brand’s content or record your desktop screen for added visuals.

Include images, icons, media assets, and even graphics to enhance the video appeal.

Text and Graphic Editing

Add titles, subtitles, and text paragraphs, adjusting their placement, transparency, shadow, and text properties.

Import geometrical shapes with fill colors, transparency, strokes, and shadows to further augment visuals.

Audio Addition

Incorporate background music without disrupting the Avatar’s voice to complement the video atmosphere.

Finalizing Your Video

Once your video elements are in place, it’s time to bring it all together and finalize your creation.

Review and Rendering

Preview your entire project by clicking on the play button in the top right corner.

Once satisfied, render your video using the “Generate Video” feature.

Features of the Final Video

The rendered video boasts high-quality content, accurate closed captions synced to the Avatar’s voice, and flawless lip-syncing and gestures for an engaging presentation.

Post-Production Options

Download your completed video, duplicate it for variations, or share it online via the “More” option.

Access additional features such as downloading captions and exploring more sharing options.


Thank you for tuning into this comprehensive review of Synthesia, the AI video editor that simplifies video creation for everyone. If you’re a professional or a newcomer, Synthesia offers an intuitive platform to realize your creative vision without the complexities associated with traditional video production.