How to Create Longer AI Videos of Pika labs AI?

To create longer length AI videos using Pika Labs, you’ll need to follow a specific process that involves generating a video, extracting its last frame, and using that frame as a reference for generating a new video.

Here, you can explore the Pika Latest Version Pika 1.0 complete guide.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Create Longer Length AI Videos of Pika Labs AI?

1. Generating Reference Image

  • Use the ‘/create‘ command in Pika Labs.
  • Click on the ‘+ Add More‘ button to upload an image.
  • Enter a prompt like ‘ballet dance moving animation cinematic’.
  • Add parameters like ‘Dash gs20’ (guidance scale between 8 and 24).

Download the generated video from Pika.

2. Extracting the Last Frame

  • Visit
  • Upload the video generated by Pika Labs.
  • Click ‘Extract Final Frame‘ and save it to your computer.

3. Generating a New Video

  • Return to Pika Labs and use the same prompt as before.
  • Use the extracted frame as a reference image.
  • Repeat this process multiple times to create a sequence of short videos.

4. Merging Videos

  • Use any video editing software (e.g., CapCut).
  • Create a new project and upload your Pika-generated videos.
  • Arrange them in the correct order on the timeline.
  • Export the final video.

Exploring Camera Motions

Improving camera motions in AI-generated videos requires creativity and experimentation. Here’s how to explore and enhance camera motions:

1. Experimentation

  • Start with a reference image and a prompt like ‘Outdoors River moving’.
  • Try different reference videos for better results.
  • Explore motions like tilt, pan, or camera tracking.
  • Use keywords like ‘follow’ or ‘time lapse’ for specific effects.

2. Patience with AI Technology

  • Understand that AI video technologies are still evolving.
  • Acknowledge that achieving realistic results takes time.
  • Appreciate the progress made in AI image generation over the years.

Exploring Human Motions

Animating human motions in AI-generated videos requires specific approaches:

1. Direct Commands

  • Use direct prompts for basic actions (e.g., ‘woman walking’ or ‘running’).
  • Basic motions are usually animated accurately.

2. Complexity Challenges

  • Complex motions might be harder for AI (e.g., ‘woman jumping’).
  • Start with neutral images for more dynamic actions.

3. Facial Animation

  • Pika Labs’ facial animation capabilities are still basic.
  • Simple prompts like ‘someone speaking’ can yield decent results.


Pika Labs offers exciting possibilities for creating AI-generated videos. Despite some limitations, it’s constantly improving. To stay updated on such content, subscribe to the channel and witness the advancements in AI video generation.