Pika Labs Lip Sync Feature Tutorial (Step By Step)

Pika Labs just came out with a brand new tool that allows you to automatically add synced lips to your video.

This feature is really helpful for adding synced lips to animation projects. In this article, we dive into the functionality, utility, and practical application of Pika Labs’ Lip Sync Feature.

What is Pika Labs Sync Feature?

Pika Labs’ Lip Sync is a tool that automatically matches lip movements in your videos with the audio you provide. It simplifies the process to add realistic lip syncing to animations and videos, improving their quality and making them look more natural.

How to use Lip Sync Feature in Pika Labs?

Step 1: Accessing Pika Labs

Go to pika.art and sign in Google or Discord. Prepare your video or image that you want to add lip sync movements to.

Step 2: Asset Selection

Depending on your project requirements, choose between importing an image or a video. While images have a limitation of syncing only three seconds of footage, videos offer greater flexibility in duration.

Pika labs lip sync

Step 3: Uploading

Once you’ve selected your asset, proceed to upload it to the Pika Labs interface. For optimal results, it’s advisable to use videos for extended sequences.

Step 4: Select Lip Sync Audio

Inside Lip Sync Audio feature you can generate the audio from text in Pika 1.0 platform. Select the voice from dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can upload the desired audio file to accompany your video. Pika Labs provides a range of voices sourced from ElevenLabs, allowing users to tailor the audio to their preferences.

`Pika labs lip sync audio

Step 5: Generation

Click on the “Attach and Continue” button to initiate the lip sync generation process. You can generate up to 3 seconds video only.

Pika labs generate lip sync

Final Results

So, the generation is done. Took about a minute to render.

Let’s take a look at what we have.

Before Using Pika Lip Sync

After Using Pika Lip Sync

So, there you go. As you can see, it did a really good job with the lips on this specific instance.

And I think that this really illustrates that Pika is really good at doing 3D animation Style.

I want to show you another really quick example here. So, I have this image that I created inside of mid-Journey. It’s like in the 3D animation style. I think it looks really interesting.

Other Lip Sync Alternatives:

You typically had to utilize other tools like Wav2Lip, where you would take the video and drop it into Wave2Lip and Sadtalker.

It exports from a Hugging Face website, where the quality is notably low. Subsequently, you must run it through an AI enhancement tool such as Topaz Video, utilizing the Iris model to achieve maximum quality.

You can also use D-ID, which allows you to upload an image and then animate it from there with eye blinks and head tilts. However, the environment and camera movement remain completely static.


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