Pika Labs Stable Diffusion: AI Animation Story

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of AI-animated storytelling? In this tutorial, we’re going to unlock the creative power of AI and show you how to craft amazing story videos using ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, and Pika Labs.

Have you ever wondered how to bring your wildest story ideas to life? Today we’ll reveal the magic behind it all. Watch until the end, and to kick things off, we need to find the perfect story theme to get our creative juices flowing.

Create Animation using Pika Labs + Stable Diffusion

Step 1: Create story ideas using ChatGPT

We’ll simply ask it for some story ideas. As you can see in my initial prompts, I’ve asked ChatGPT to serve up five intriguing story concepts fit for a short video.

I’ve asked ChatGPT for an additional five ideas. Now, we’ve struck storytelling gold with the Viking Saga.

I’ve chosen this gem to develop our story’s outline. Next, I’ll ask ChatGPT to provide a concise story outline for a video under 5 minutes.

Crafting Scenes and Narration

Once ChatGPT delivers the goods, we’ll roll up our sleeves and start crafting scenes and narration. I kept it simple by requesting that ChatGPT create video content based on the provided outline. ChatGPT doesn’t disappoint – it generously supplies scenes and voiceovers for the entire story.

Step 2: Image Creation with Stable Diffusion

Now this is the main and fun part. We need to copy this creative treasure trove and use it as the foundation for our animations.

Each scene’s description and accompanying voiceover will guide us. For each act, we’ll follow this process to bring each scene to life step by step.

Experimenting with Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL)

Why SDXL? Because SDXL is a master at crafting high-resolution images from concise text prompts. We’ll copy the script into a Word document and begin generating images for each scene description.

Afterward, we’ll breathe life into these images through animation and voiceovers.

Workflow in Stable Diffusion

Our next stop is Stable Diffusion’s Automatic1111. For instance, for our first scene, we paste the scene description into Automatic1111’s text prompt and hit the generate button.

An image that perfectly complements the scene’s description emerges. But why settle for just one choice? We’ll crank up the batch size to 4 and generate again.

With 20 scenes to produce, this process will take time, so I’ll give you a sneak peek of the first scene. The workflow remains consistent throughout.

Picking the Best Images

Once the four images are ready, it’s time to cherry-pick the best one for our video. Let’s save it and label it as scene one. The process repeats for each scene, adding thematic touches like Viking style to the text prompt.

Step 3: Animation Creation with Pika Labs

Now, let’s move on to Pika Labs. Here we’ll use all those Stable Diffusion AI images to create animations. The workflow is straightforward: we create animations by following the sequence of file names.

Not every animation may hit the mark, so some fine-tuning might be needed.

In the chat box, we’ll start with the ‘stash’ command ‘animate,’ upload the desired image, and press enter. This process repeats for all 20 scenes.

The Final Touches

Once the AI completes all the animations, we’ll download them into our folder. To keep things organized, we’ll rename each MP4 file according to the script outline, numbering them from 1 to 20.

With animations in place, the final step is adding narration voiceovers to our story. You can use a text-to-speech AI tool, as we’ve discussed in our previous videos.

Grand Finale: Weaving the Story Together

We’re weaving all our animations into a single captivating video. Our tool of choice this time is CapCut.

For each scene, we’ll spice things up with effects and transition animations to make the storytelling even more enchanting. Think of lightning strikes or village rainstorms – your creativity knows no bounds.

As the creator, you have the power to add those extra touches like a gentle mountain breeze or warm sunlight filtering through. The choice is yours.

Story Reveal

Let’s dive into the story. In the shadowy depths of history, between the 9th and 11th centuries, a legendary era unfolded: the Viking Age. Our story begins in a remote Viking village. Meet Eric, a young Viking warrior with a heart full of curiosity. Join him and his comrades as they embark on a journey of adventure, camaraderie, and discovery.


In wrapping up this journey through the integration of Pika Labs AI and Stable Diffusion for animation creation, we’ve seen a remarkable synthesis of technology and creativity. The combination of these tools has opened up new avenues for storytellers and animators, offering a practical yet imaginative approach to bringing stories to life.

Pika Labs AI, with its intuitive interface and flexible animation capabilities, serves as a vital component in this creative process. It transforms static images into dynamic, engaging animations, adding depth and motion to our stories.